# Introduction to HPG H145

Our H145 helicopter has been rebuilt as a native helicopter. We now leverage the Asobo CFD helicopter flight model, however we also augment the flight controls to realistically simulate the H145 systems. Our helicopter includes unstabilized flight, stabilized flight (by Stability Augmentation System) and fully hands-off Upper Modes, like HDG/ALT/IAS. H145 also supports GPS-referenced modes and the ability to command a precision hands-off auto hover. H145 supports Force Trim (Trim Release) which you won't find in other MSFS helicopters. We also integrate a Garmin GTN750 which enables GPS approaches and much more.

We use an installer/update program called Hype Operations Center to manage installation of our products. You will find easy installation, quick updates, downgrades and rollback to earlier versions as you prefer.

H145 has over 600 key bindings which are available for you to bind using Hype Operations Center. You can also directly send events and monitor local variables using programs like SPAD.next or FSUIPC.

Download and Install H145